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Mr. Trump takes a swim in the swamp. Can he get out? Does he want to get out?

The U.S.-led attack on Syria was reckless, unnecessary, and self-defeating, but most of all it is clear testimony to the fact that the republic and its Constitution are nearly dead. Simply put, President Trump acted in the same matter as his four immediate predecessors; that is, as an elected dictator defying the Constitution and knowing … Continue reading “Mr. Trump takes a swim in the swamp. Can he get out? Does he want to get out?”

I am by nature, upbringing, education, and professional experience a law-and-order guy. In this space, I have often said that the rule of law and equality before the law are the sine qua non of American liberty and the republic’s social cohesion. I still believe this, but am beginning to think that to save both, … Continue reading “Mueller, his DoJ superiors, and their subordinates — first for elimination?”

No blessing ever seems to arrive in a manner that allows it to be appreciated and lingered over. In the case of President Trump’s stated intention to soon withdraw all U.S. forces from Syria, the beauty of that announcement is marred by the dangerous and ongoing insanity of the aggression of the Trump administration and … Continue reading “On Syria and Russia: Sanity and madness”

Mr. President: I hope you will forgive my damning you, but, sadly, you fully merit the condemnation, not only from me, but from the tens of millions who voted for you because you championed an America First policy that would stop the killing and maiming of their soldier-children in unnecessary, interventionist, and bankrupting wars. John … Continue reading “God-damn you President Trump, John Bolton is an Israel-First/Neocon warmonger and a lethal enemy of our Republic”

After thinking more about the Broward County school shooting, I believe that it is worth taking a look at the issue from the national level, and to suggest that the Democrats, the other leftist groups, and the media are deliberately moving this country to the edge of a civil war, probably believing those it oppresses … Continue reading “Trump must act, or others will take the blood of these tyrants”

I have not previously chosen to write about school shootings in this space except to excoriate Obama and other politicians in both parties who regularly built their plans for eradicating the 2nd Amendment on the back of school attacks and dead students. I do that again here to the same politicians, journalists, and businessmen who … Continue reading “President Trump: End the Florida madness, tell us the truth, and do not punish law-abiding gun owners”

I had foolishly thought that all the syrupy calls for blessed bipartisanship in 2018 would peter out and return to storage closet labeled “nonsense.” That burnout has not occurred, and many pundits and journalists still demand bipartisanship, hands-across-the aisle, and the joining of forces in efforts for the betterment of the “American people.” It is … Continue reading “There is no ground for compromise, and Democrats say they will win a civil war … the poor, deluded dears”

Mr. President: Well done on releasing the Nunes memo, Sir. But for our republic, it is, sadly, only the first step, and multiple tougher ones are to come. The mainstream media are already saying that the memo is fraud, or that it there is nothing illegal in it. That mad sack of shit McCain has … Continue reading “Well done, Mr. President, but keep striking the bastards hard and often, and yell if you need help”

The elected and appointed members of the United States national government seem to be incapable of recognizing that there is a radically and perhaps permanently disaffecting impact on the citizenry’s affection and loyalty for it when that government’s does nothing to end — or at least confront — the problems that endanger the republic’s survival. … Continue reading “Be a hard-ass, President Trump, and slay the republic’s domestic enemies now”

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